Port of Rotterdam

Seamless matchmaking between shippers and barge operators

Streamline is a digital platform that facilitates all transshipment-related container exchange between the depots, deep-sea, and short-sea terminals.
The Port of Rotterdam (PoR) is the largest port in Europe. Each year, millions of containers need to be distributed across multiple container terminals. With plans to release Container Exchange Route (CER) — an internal track that allows Shipping Lines to minimize the cost of exchanges — PoR first needed to develop the ability to facilitate transshipment of containers from within the port.
Together with the Port of Rotterdam, we converted the idea into a working prototype, in order to quickly validate with the end-users: Shipping Lines and transport companies. Throughout the testing period, we gained valuable insights and feedback from the end-users, which helped shape the overall development of the beta.
We created a digital marketplace which is accessible for Shipping Lines registered with the PoR. Shipping Lines can upload their request for the container transshipment through a standardized format. The transport companies (also known as Inland Operators) can respond to relevant requests on the platform. Shipping Lines have the opportunity to choose the transport company and finalize the deal. Next, the transport details are sent to the appropriate parties and they are notified of the transshipment status. The added advantage of Streamline is that all digital operations now can be performed on the platform, without the user having to rely on others.
Solving a physical problem with digital tools
From prototype to production
A proven continuous implementation process allows for truly iterative work, enabling the implementation of new versions without disrupting the use of the platform.
Big Business
Since 2019 over 30.000 transshipment movements have been facilitated by Streamline annually, realizing serious cost savings and a serious reduction in emissions.
Creating business value in collaboration with end users
Throughout the development phase, we kept in close contact with the end users. We tested and validated the functionalities with them throughout the project. We could iterate and improve rapidly based on the insights gathered from these sessions.
Generating orders without interrupting user workflow
Every day, a thousand containers arrive and depart the port. Strict planning is mandatory to keep up with speed. The users upload a file with all container-related information. The information is separated and grouped intelligently so the users do not need to perform additional tasks.
A clear, simple dashboard
The overview always shows the latest orders so users can take the right actions. With one click, users are able to view a detailed screen where they can perform quick actions on offers they receive. They can also edit the order to account for the dynamic changes commonly seen in the shipping industry. Involved parties will, at all times, be informed about the changes.
Order insights and exporting
The analytics page allows users to easily analyze executed orders and gain insights on their transshipments.

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