We are looking for trouble

We go beyond the creation of digital innovations. We push boundaries. We do it smart and we do it fast.

We help great
successfully launch
digital innovations


Our purpose

We specialise in solving complex challenges, using technology and human centric design as our tools.
You know your organization, its vision and its quirks. Help us help you realize your ambitions.

Our clients

We work with market leaders and innovation leaders within the fields of Healthtech, Finance, Logistics and Smart Cities.

Our approach

By delivering tangible, verifiable results and validating them with real users in a rapidly paced process, we position you for a successful product launch, or we’ll make you fail fast and cheap.

Our work

We design and develop web applications, mobile solutions, API's, Internet of Things platforms and much, much more.
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Empowering the transformation towards a data-driven organisation.

Our cloud based platform enables Ampelmann to reliably collect and aggregate business critical data in the face of low bandwith and unstable satellite connections.