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Understanding the impact of private data collection in public spaces

In collaboration with the Centre for BOLD Cities (Erasmus, TU Delft, Leiden), we have created a research platform that helps users be more conscious of data collection in public spaces.


Design and develop an engaging survey gathering insights about knowledge, attitude, and behavior of Dutch citizens concerning technological developments within smart cities, focused on sharing data and the overall privacy in public spaces.


Through user-centered design, we wanted to create engagement between the user and the platform enabling valuable data outcomes. With little time on hand, we followed the Agile approach in order to quickly uncover valuable data.


A platform educating the user by presenting everyday choices between sharing data and the benefits they receive. By asking them to identify data collecting objects and answer questions, we gain insight into their knowledge of and opinion on the subject.

Facts and Figures
Responsive developement

You can play the game on any device!

Take it to the limit

3 months for design and development

Our team

Researchers, Service Designer

Illustrator / Visual Designer

Frontend Developer

Backend Developer

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Design that enables unbiased data collection

Creating a product intended to collect scientific data required establishing a design which does not bias the choice of the user. We killed our darlings by overwriting some design patterns and adjusting the components to achieve our goal.

A stylistic representation of a data collection point: the public transport check-in gates, taken from the "Jouw Buurt, Jouw Data!" game
Inclusiveness is key

With a broad target group, including all ages, genders, and ethnicities, our goal was to be inclusive. We wanted to ensure everyone would be able to identify with the game and monitored this by closely communicating with our users.

Validate, then validate, then validate some more

We tested touchpoints from the early stages of the design process. Starting with the paper proof of concept and ending with the final product tests, we got continuous feedback to make sure the game would be accessible for everyone.

A flowchart representing the validation process
Kids and teachers playing "Jouw Buurt, Jouw Data!"
Fun and educational

Our main focus was to collect valid data and increase awareness of data sharing in public spaces. Making the product engaging was key to encouraging the users to play through the entire game. Combining both aspects makes the game a great success.

“We found an innovative way to combine research, design and societal impact. To me, the project was both instructive and fun. I had a great time working with this team!”
Luuk Schokker - Project Manager at Bold Cities
Luuk Schokker

Project Manager at Bold Cities

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