Empowering the transformation towards a data-driven organisation.

Our cloud based platform enables Ampelmann to reliably collect and aggregate business critical data in the face of low bandwith and unstable satellite connections.

Ampelmann DPR

Design and development of a platform that empowers the transformation towards a data-driven organisation.

Ampelmann leads the market for safe and efficient walk-to-work offshore access (i.e. floating facilities, oil rigs and wind farms) through their advanced wave-compensating platforms. We’re helping them transform into a data-driven organisation by creating effective and innovative solutions to improve processes that were inefficient, costly and prone to (human) error.

Field of operations
Web, iOS
JavaScript / CouchDB
UX / Visual

The challenge

Ampelmann provides their services through a pay-per-use model, which means the organisation is dependent on the availability of accurate data.

As the Ampelmann systems operate offshore, internet connectivity is often limited and unreliable (for instance under extreme weather conditions), while connectivity is critical for a sustainable business model.

We were challenged to develop a tool that would offer a much more stable line of communication, regardless of bad off-shore connectivity, and do a complete overhaul of the user interface, to make it usable for anyone within the organization.


Our approach

Proof of concept / prototyping

Our process began by identifying the critical assumptions to work on. The solution would need a proper User Interface, but the actual challenge was the synchronisation of data. Rather than investing in the development of a scalable, secure and solid solution, we focused on creating a proof-of-concept that helped us to validate our assumptions on how to solve this problem.

We set-up a playground that mimics an offshore situation, which allowed us to rapidly and accurately test our solution and enabled us to iterate on it just as fast, without having to actually travel offshore.

User validation

After identifying the technical challenges, we focused on ensuring a smooth transition to the new platform. We created personas to identify their end users, found their ‘customer pains’ and with that, opportunities to make their lives a little easier.

We designed a user-interface to meet the operator’s needs by involving them early on with user tests and research on their specific ways of working. This allowed them to start using the tool immediately, before any training was introduced.

Rock solid and production ready, yet agile

Seeing as the integrity and availability of our solution would be heavily relied upon, our number one priority was making sure it was robust and well-tested. Ampelmann is a fast-growing organisation, so we implemented a scalable cloud solution that ensures stability, as it is covered by tests and a tight continuous integration process. This allows us to safely deploy new features and updates without compromising the operational integrity of the platform.


The result

Currently hundreds of operators and onshore staff use the platform on a daily basis. Operators feel incentivised to provide more accurate data, as the front-ends are tailored to their needs. Our tool has created impact in process efficiency and relationships.

The data shared on our platform is critical for the operator’s daily logs; a business requirement that ensures Ampelmann is meeting their service level agreements with customers. Thanks to our platform, there is a renewed trust in the data quality and a reassurance that no matter where a ship is, the data can get on shore to the main office, helping them keep operations moving forward under all conditions.

By really listening to the needs of their clients and understanding their processes, wearereasonablepeople's aim is to deliver more value than the client would expect it would get.
Ivar Boom, Manager Data Services