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Enabling Ampelmann to reliably collect and aggregate business critical data in the face of low bandwidth and unstable satellite connections.


Ampelmann leads the market for safe and efficient walk-to-work offshore access through their advanced wave-compensating platforms.

In an offshore environment, where weather conditions are more extreme, internet connectivity is often limited and unreliable, while it is critical for sustaining Ampelmann’s business model.


Together with Ampelmann's stakeholders, we identified the usage scenarios and technical limitations. Rather than investing in the development of a scalable, secure and solid solution, we focused on creating a proof-of-concept that helped us validate our assumptions on how to solve this problem.

We set-up a playground that mimics an offshore situation, which allowed us to rapidly and accurately test our approach.


The cloud-based platform enables Ampelmann to reliably collect and aggregate business critical data in the face of low bandwidth and unstable satellite connections.

We designed a user-interface to meet the operator’s needs that would make it possible for them to highlight easily and rapidly any issue and communicate them effectively with the headquarters.

Multiplaform solution from prove of concept to production ready.
2 Platforms

Our stack: Angular with a modified version of PouchDB on the front-end; CouchDB and NodeJS on the back-end; Webpack, Make, and Couchify as build tools.

6 Months

Proof of concept


3 People

Visual designer

Backend developer

Frontend developer

Real-time status, transparency is the key

Our platform provides all users with a reliable overview of the status of the data transfer. This allows all stakeholders to plan and manage the required actions when critical pieces of information are needed.

Data transfer guaranteed, business guaranteed

No loss of data even in the worst network conditions! Our platform secures all the data points and is ready to transfer as soon as there is a reliable connection window.

Easy to understand, easy to report

The simplicity of the interface allows the operators to provide more accurate information about the issues and incidents. Therefore, increasing the operability of the Ampelmann systems.

Offline first

All the units in the platform have been designed to be completely independent of the connectivity. The experience, the business, the safety will not depend on the connectivity.

“By really listening to the needs of their clients and understanding their processes, wearereasonablepeople's aim is to deliver more value than the client would expect it would get.”
Ivar Boom

Manager Data Services

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