Javascript Developer

Full-stack, full-time

As a senior Javascript developer, you’re not afraid of trying new technologies, but have a firm understanding of what it takes to build well-tested, rock solid software. You know the value of sticking to a plan, and can quickly iterate to get to your goal. You have a relentless drive to master your craft.

WEAREREASONABLEPEOPLE is one of the fastest growing design and development agencies in The Netherlands. Specialized in helping international corporations lead with innovation – we offer an unique approach. Through prototyping, iteration and lean methods, we validate the end-user’s needs in order to scale quickly to market-ready products.

You like working in a team, both with and for clients with large ambitions, and you know exactly why it’s great to use Javascript on the client AND on the server.

At wearereasonablepeople, you’ll get all the the creative freedom you need to deliver your best work. You’ll work with some of the latest technologies, such as Node.js, Angular and React, with a high-performing team that challenges you every day.

What we’re looking for

  • You have a deep understanding of the Node.js environment; understanding event-loop, knowing native modules API: Cluster, EventEmitter, etc.
  • You know the differences between widely used frontend frameworks: React (Redux), Angular, Ember, etc, and have expertise with at least one of them
  • You understand the scalability and provisions of the deploy process
  • You know HTML and CSS, preferably with preprocessors as well
  • You have experience working in at least one of the version control systems, and writing tests on both front and back-end
  • You know the differences between the SQL and NoSQL solutions, specifically the drawbacks and advantages in terms of scalability, flexibility and ACID properties
  • You play well with our international team and love to share your knowledge
  • You have great communication skills and a personality that compliments the talent we already have
  • You don’t mind taking a hit for the team in one of our Nerf-office wars
  • A Github account or something similar where we can see your work would be great
  • Any knowledge of unix shell, docker and the deploy and development tactics associated with it or participation in open-source projects is a plus

What we offer

  • Our international team is based in the heart of Rotterdam, with opportunities to work around the globe
  • We pride ourselves on working with market-leaders in order to create a real impact and offering one of the steepest growth curves you can find
  • We’re invested in all of our employees, and help them with a personal growth plan. We want you to keep growing with us, which is why we have weekly knowledge sharing sessions as well
  • We offer competitive primary and secondary benefits, including an occupational pension plan, flexibility and the best coffee you could possibly find in an office

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